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The bEUBI token is a BEP-20 token that supports digital financial solutions, primarily in the areas of insurance and financial operations.



Total supply: 10,000,000 bEUBI

Locked supply: 9,000,000 bEUBI

Circulating supply: 1,000,000 bEUBI

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It is currently supported by BSC and MintMe blockchain, but there will be further improvements in the future.

1. Receive, store and send BNB (Smart Chain)
2. Receive, store and send a bEUBI token (BNB Smart Chain)
3. Trading of BNB and bEUBI on Pancakeswap
4. Receive, store and send MintMe
5. Receive, store and send EUBI token (MintMe blockchain)

6. EUBI to bEUBI bridge

< Purchase a bEUBI Token through MyEUBIWallet />

Follow these steps

1.) Click on "Buy bEUBI Token" button and open MyEUBIwallet

2.) If you don't have a MyEUBIWallet, than create a new one (your private key keep on safe place)

3.) Load MyEUBIWallet

4.) Click on blockchain seeting and select Binance smart Chain

5.) Click on wallet details. If you have no BNB (Smart Chain) on your wallet, then send to your wallet address a ammount how much you want. You can see your MyEUBIWallet address in the top row 0x.....

6.) When you have BNB (Smart Chain) on your MyEUBIWallet, then click on Send BNB button.

7.) Enter the following wallet address for the receiver address: 0xdbaae2cf6157f6ff2c31d932c336529b92282720

8.) Add BNB (Smart Chain) ammount, how much you want to sell for bEUBI token.Click on send button and you will get your bEUBI after few seconds on your same MyEUBIWallet address. Check your wallet details.


457,5 bEUBI / BNB (Smart Chain)

Transaction fees are very cheap: $0.1-$0.3 (depends on gas fees) 

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You can buy-sell bEUBI token on MintMe.com for MintMe coin.

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